Be active, DO it (Squeeze lemons)

I’ve always been trying to be active, to interact with people and to take as much as I can because possibilities are everywhere we just need to take them and to use them, to “squeeze” all the “lemons” that life gives us and to make a lemonade. As talking about possibilities, universities are the cores of possibilities. As long as we are students we can use our universities and all the resources they can provide us, because this is the most important thing. Those years to be useful. I decided to take a look at my university’s clubs and organizations and I found out interesting ones like Debating club, Business club, AIESEC international organization and so on. I’ve already applied for AIESEC because their cause is really cool so I recomment it to all people around the world. I will continue to explore all the clubs and organizations at my university and to decide which is the perfect one for me. Even if I know that I will have exams, I think I will find time for those activities. And I recommend them to all people who don’t like losing their time. I will share with you in one of my next articles which clubs and organizations I will decide to take part in.

Those are some organizations in my university:

And don’t forget to keep on dreaming and turn your dreams into actions (and to use your universities as much as you can coz this is one of the most important lemons) 😉


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