During our last group assignment for the Management course  at university I decided that the presentation we made is not enough and as I have been inspired recently on that topic, as I said in my previous article, I decided to draw a painting connected with business. We also wrote a letter in which we say to our professor that we are inspired and that all those assignments were helpful that they changed our way of thinking in some way. All the things we said are true, but we didn’t expect that our professor will really like the idea of the letter and the painting, I was at least expecting that. But on 8th of December our professor obviously wrote the letter and saw the painting and he liked them so much that he shared them on the social network in his personal profile and he wrote that this was his best gift for the holidays. When I saw that I was more than happy and I couldn’t believe. Someone has appreciated my work and moreover that someone was the professor. The excitement and the happiness were so much that I was almost about to cry. The best feeling is when your hard-work and efforts are appreciated. My professor saw that there is a result from his educational process and that he inspired. I think this is the best feeling for a teacher, to know that he is useful. I didn’t expect that outcome, but I am really thankful to my professor and hope that this is just the beginning with all that cool projects and inspirational stuff.

Ps: You can see the painting (it is on the left 🙂 )


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